Goals & Objectives

To acquire basic knowledge and skills in primary care

  • A weekly continuity conference will review a general practice issue.  One resident will be assigned to lead the discussion for each continuity session
  • Residents are responsible for managing their patients' illnesses and learning about therapies in an effort to provide optimal patient care

To learn to provide high quality, longitudinal care for a practice panel of patients

  • Residents recruit patients to their panel.  If resident's panels are  too small, preceptors will recruit additional patients.  The panel of patients should consist of a diverse patient mix representing a broad spectrum of diseases and patient ages not only well care visits
  • Residents should have their panel size and number of patients evaluated reviewed by their continuity preceptor at a minimum of every 6 months. 


Dr. C.W. Gowen, Jr.
Residency Program Director


Resident Orientation General Pediatric Medicine


To develop the residents' clinical skills and knowledge in general pediatrics to provide outpatient pediatric care


  • Enhance Skills in gathering historical information, conducting physical evaluation, and designing medical plans tailored to a patient's medical concerns
  • Develop a systematic approach to a patient's medical needs
  • Foster professionalism in working with peers and ancillary staff
  • Acquire an increased fund of pediatric knowledge

General Schedule

1315 - 1630 Daily (Monday - Friday) - see schedule for your assignment day


  • Maintain a card/file system for your patients
  • Each resident is responsible for maintaining his/her own continuity clinic
  • Patients will be assigned to your continuity clinic by the ambulatory staff and/or scheduled by you (such as, patients from ward, nursery, etc)
  • Each continuity clinic will begin with a 30-minute presentation on a general topic, given by the residents
  • All patient care responsibilities on the wards, nurseries, etc. should be signed over before coming to continuity clinic
  • Residents exempted from continuity clinic include: residents on night float, and residents on vacation.  When in the ER, resident are scheduled for clinic on select days during the month


Our lovely residents in front of the building